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Baltic Exchange Market Report 15/02/2017
Baltic Dry Index 688 (+3) Baltic Capesize Index 556 (-11) Baltic Panamax Index 933 (-6) Baltic Supramax Index 689 (+8) Baltic Handysize Index 382 (+3)

There were at least eight new transatlantic cargoes today largely for first half-mid-March positions in addition to those cargoes still in the market. A touch more optimism in the area but with any increases starting from a low base. Brazil rumours were evident but again confirmation was elusive.
In the east, rates remained at low levels but there appeared to be a disconnect between voyage and timecharter rates.
There were vague rumblings of period business concluded but it was not clear when it was done. Cargill was said to have taken an eco 180,000-tonner or more than one for a couple of years recently at 121% of the BCI 5-timecharter average but this maybe very old news . Cargill a week ago fixed the 2012-built 178,929-dwt Attikos from Hong Kong 8 February for 11 to 13 months trading at 109%. Koch Shipping was also said to have taken a ship for two years but little else emerged.
Bunge on Monday took the CSK Glory 173,044-dwt 2002-built from Huanghua 21-25 February for 11 to 14 months trading at $9,500 daily.

K-Line was said to have the 2012-built 181,000-dwt Anangel Vigour on subjects for 27 February delivery Sines for a transatlantic round at $8,600 daily. Sources said K-Line had a Colombia cargo. The fresh business here was largely from Colombia to either the Continent or Mediterranean. Of this business, Vattenfall fixed a 1-10 March 160,000-tonne 10% cargo from Puerto Bolivar to Rotterdam at $5.75 or $5.80 possibly with SwissMarine vessel and Endesa covered a 3-12 March cargo from Drummond to Spain on private terms but some said Endesa gave the cargo to NYK under a coa. Cargill earlier booked 179,147-dwt 2009-built Mount Meru for cargo from Puerto Bolivar to Rotterdam at $5.60 the From Brazil, there was talk that Vale fixed a couple of ships direct with the owners. The Marigo P 2016-built was linked with Brazilian shipper at $9.50 direct from Tubarao to Qingdao but this was denied. The charterer had earlier been linked with the Tiger Shandong 182,000-dwt 2016-built and the 176,943-dwt 2008-built Mount Faber at the same levels and direct but these two ships were reported still open.
Anglo American allegedly took the 2016-built Fortune from Acu to Qingdao at $9.85 with the ship having been earlier incorrectly linked to NYK for an Acu cargo. It was not clear if NYK has fixed. The Newcastlemax Pigi 2014-built went to Cargill for an end February 170,000-tonne 10% cargo from Tubarao to Qingdao at $9.85 with a full cargo option with half the freight. Some said the ship will actually load Itaguai but the $9.85 is the Tubarao equivalent.

BHP Billiton held an e-tender today which Cargill allegedly secured at $4.10 for a 2-6 March 170,000-tonne 10% cargo from Port Hedland to Qingdao an improvement on the non-screen business fixed earlier.
There were some timecharter rumours with talk that the CCL-controlled KSL China 179,109-dwt 2013-built open Nantong went to Quadrolink for a NoPac round at $4,500 daily. Sources said a 176,000-tonner open Rizhao allegedly agreed $5,000 daily for an Australian round.
Earlier the Graceful Madonna 2011-built 180,242-dwt open 27-28 February Taicang fixed a round in the east, but details were not reported.-

North Atlantic rates continued to slip with brokers talking of owners struggling to maintain anywhere near last done. There was continued fixing from South America but there remained a few February ships to be absorbed and signs of some booking March cargoes and waiting.
Rates in the east have been steady with the focus largely on coal with NoPac cargoes intermittent as bad weather has hampered rail movements to the ports. Period trading has been active but sources today said trading was a touch slower. Glencore allegedly took the Seneca 84,000-dwt 2013-built from Singapore 24-28 February for 7 to 10 months trading at $9,250 daily and not $9,500 daily as earlier reported. The 77,000-dwt 2014-built Sasebo Eco ready March-April Qingdao was rumoured very close to fully fixing for 6 to 8 months trading with a further option 5 to 7 months trading at $9,500 daily but a charterer was not disclosed.

Paccship fixed a 23 February onwards cargo from Burnside to Rotterdam, but it was not clear whether this was concluded basis voyage or timecharter.
Cobelfret put on subjects a 1-7 March coal cargo from the US east coast to Port Talbot in the low $9.00s. The charterer was said covered a 1-7 March Juruti/east cargo and fixed out the Lowlands Comfort 75,961-dwt 2000-built open Skaw in a rumoured swap/package deal.
Norden earlier booked the BTG Eiger a 2016-built Kamsarmax from Cape Passero for a trip via the Amazon to Rotterdam at $7,750 daily but some said the rate could be lower.
Paccship also took the Yong Tong 74,382-dwt 2001-built for a trip from Riga to Italy, but details were not reported. Oldendorff allegedly fixed the MG Mercury 84,790-dwt 2016-built at a tick below $10,000 daily for the run from Riga to Civitavecchia. Phaethon booked the Cofco relet SBI Zumba 82,000-dwt 2016-built from Amsterdam for a trip via the Baltic into the US Gulf at $5,000 daily. TS Global was said to have a ship on subjects earlier for a 22-27 February 60,000-tonne 10% cargo from Mo-I-Rana to Ijmuiden around $5.50 to $5.75.
Glencore was said to have covered a 26 February-4 March cargo from Kamsar to China on subjects and had been aiming to fix in the very low $20.00 range.
From South America, D'Amico was said to be close to fixing the Raraka 76,037-dwt 2012-built for eta about 2 March (the ship was said open now south Brazil-Recalada) for the run east at $9,200 daily plus a $420,000 bonus.
ECTP took the 75,966-dwt 2001-built Anna S for 17-18 March eta from east coast South America to the east at $9,100 daily plus a $410,000 bonus with the 77,053-dwt 2005-built Christina B fixing to Norden at similar levels with this ship giving a 24 February eta.
K-Line took the DL Ivt 81,805-dwt 2012-built from Ponta Da Madeira to the east at $9,000 daily plus a $400,000 bonus. Transgrain booked tonnage for a 6-12 March cargo from Ponta Da Madeira to the east and Louis Dreyfus reportedly used in-house tonnage for a 1-15 March cargo from north Brazil to the east.

It emerged today that Caravel booked the Canon Trader II 81,711-dwt 2013-built from Yosu spot for a NoPac round at $7,000 daily while the 16-year old 75,311-dwt Nirefs fixed from Qingdao 17-22 February for a NoPac round with grain at $6,500 daily, but a charterer was not reported. The Ningbo Innovation 2001-built 75,413-dwt from Zhoushan 22 February was said on subjects for a West Australian round at $7,000 daily. A charterer was not reported.
An undisclosed charterer took the Yue Dian 83 87,329-dwt 2010-built from Bayuquan 19-23 February
The 2010-built Post-Panamax Boavista open Caofeidian prompt went in the high $6,000s daily for a run from Australia to China but a charterer was not reported. The Paola Bottiglieri 93,352-dwt 2010-built open 18-20 February north China for an Australian round in the low $7,000s but again the charterer was not disclosed

There seemed to be a bit of an impasse in the market today, some suggesting that vessels open in Atlantic were not keen for direction to the East. The Asian routes remained steady, but there were a few vessels being failed on subjects. On the period front, a 55,000-dwt 2014-built open north coast South America was fixed for short period basis delivery US Gulf but no further details were released.

Brokers heard rumours that a 61,000-dwt 2016-built open east coast South America was fixed in the high $11,000s plus equivalent ballast bonus. The Clipper Kalavryta
63,325-dwt 2015-built was linked also to an east coast South America front haul again at similar levels basis delivery Recalada. The Ultra Saskatchewan 2010-built 61,484-dwt in ballast from Abidjan was rumoured fixed basis delivery north coast South America trip Turkey with pet coke at close $17,000 daily. Lalemant was linked to a 58,000-dwt basis delivery Continent for a trip to the east Mediterranean in the mid $9,000s for a Gallo scrap cargo. The Bao Success 57,000-dwt 2009-built was rumoured fixed basis delivery Carboneras trip US Gulf with cement at $4,000 daily. The Azzura 52,050-dwt 2004-built open Ploce 14-15 February was fixed for a trip to west Africa but little else came to light.

The Vega Lea 2010-built 55,716-dwt was reported fixed basis delivery Kandla 16-22 February for a trip redelivery China at $6,875 daily to Norvic Shipping. The Sophiana 2016-built 61,620-dwt was alleged booked delivery Hong Kong 18 February for a trip via east coast Australia redelivery Southeast Asia at $7,000 daily with Galeon. Cargill fixed and failed the Spar Hydra 2015-built 58,000-dw basis delivery Singapore for 2 laden legs at $8,850 daily. A 56,000-dwt was rumoured fixed basis delivery Kohsichang trip redelivery Singapore with sands in the mid $6,000s but further details were not disclosed.

Atlantic was having another slow day while the sentiment in the East was definitely improving. In Asia, brokers had different opinions in terms of the degree that the market had picked up with both high and low rates reported.

The Ocean Platinum 37,194-dwt 2012-built open spot in Constantza was fixed for a trip to India but no further details were mentioned. Pacific Basin took a 37,000-dwt for its cargo from the River Plate to the west Mediterranean at mid $8,000s aps possibly into Morocco. Ultrabulk booked the Lefkes 33,398-dwt 2014-built for a trip to the Caribbean but the neither the delivery point or the rate came emerged. A 33,000-dwt open in the east Mediterranean was fixed to the US Gulf at $3,750 daily for the first 50 days and $6,500 daily afterwards.

There were some short-period enquiries for taking vessels from Singapore and the rates dependent more on the cargo options, brokers said. There was also talk of tonnage shortage in both Southeast Asia and the Far East. A large Handy open in Indonesia was rumoured to have fixed at mid-high $6,000s for 2 laden legs, and another similar-sized was booked for NoPac grain trip at approximately $6,000 daily with Japan delivery. A 37,000-dwt was fixed at mid $5,000s basis Thailand delivery for a run to north China. The Kotor 34,987-dwt 2012-built was reportedly booked to the Persian Gulf at a rate in the low $7,000s with delivery Hong Kong.


Please refer to attached file for fixture list and baltic index information.


'Yue Dian 83' 20 10 87329 dwt dely Bayuquan 19 /23 Feb trip via EC Australia redel India $7,50 0 daily - cnr
'Io nic Katana ' 20 0 5 829 36 dwt dely US Gulf 20 /25 Feb trip via Turkey redel Cape Passero intentio n co al $9 ,9 0 0 daily +
$19 0 ,0 0 0 bb - Po la Maritime
'DL Ivy' 20 12 819 70 dwt dely Po nta Da Madeira 0 4 /10 Mar trip redel Singapo re-Japan $9 ,0 0 0 daily + $4 0 0 ,0 0 0 bb - K-Line
'Cano n Trader II' 20 13 81711 dwt dely Yo su 14 Feb trip via No Pac redel Singapo re-Japan intentio n grains $7,0 0 0 daily -
'SBI Zumba' Co fco relet 20 16 81183 dwt dely Amsterdam pro mpt trip via Baltic redel US Gulf $5,0 0 0 daily - Phaetho n
'BTG Eiger' 20 16 80 80 0 dwt dely Cape Passero 0 1/10 Mar trip via Amazo n redel Co ntinent $7,750 daily - No rden
'Cerba' 20 10 80 370 dwt dely So uth Ko rea pro mpt trip via Australia redel EC India $7,750 daily - Bestpo o l
'Anna S' 20 0 1 759 6 6 dwt dely EC So uth America 17/22 Mar trip redel Singapo re-Japan $9 ,250 daily + $4 25,0 0 0 bb - ECTP
'Nirefs' 20 0 1 75311 dwt dely Qingdao 17/22 Feb trip via No Pac redel Singapo re-Japan intentio n grains $6 ,50 0 daily - cnr
'Gio rgo s Draco po ulo s' 20 13 6 139 8 dwt dely Brisbane 26 /27 Feb trip redel Japan $8,750 daily + $110 ,0 0 0 bb - MOL
'Wilto n' 20 11 579 70 dwt dely US Gulf pro mpt trip redel WC So uth America $19 ,50 0 daily min 28 days - Cargill
'Attiko s' 20 12 1789 29 dwt dely Ho ng Ko ng 0 8/10 Feb 11/13 mo nths trading redel wo rldwide rate based o n 10 9 % o f BCI 5
timecharter average - Cargill - <fixed 8/2>
'CSK Glo ry ' 20 0 2 1730 4 4 dwt dely Huanghua 21/25 Feb 11/14 mo nths trading redel wo rldwide $9 ,50 0 daily - Bunge - <fixed
'Seneca' 20 13 84 0 0 0 dwt dely Singapo re 24 /28 Feb 7/10 mo nths trading redel wo rldwide $9 ,50 0 daily - Glenco re
'CP Shanghai' 20 15 6 36 0 8 dwt dely Chittago ng pro mpt abt 12 mo nths trading redel wo rldwide appro x. $8,0 0 0 daily -
Phaetho n
'Equino x Agnando ussa' 20 11 586 80 dwt dely Fujairah pro mpt 4 /6 mo nths trading redel wo rldwide $8,150 daily - J Lauritzen -
<fixed last week>
'Pigi' 20 14 170 0 0 0 /10 Tubarao /Qingdao end Feb $9 .85 and half freight fo r balance to full cargo fio scale/30 0 0 0 shinc - Cargill
'Fo rtune' 20 16 170 0 0 0 /10 Acu/Qingdao 0 5/0 9 Mar $9 .85 fio scale/30 0 0 0 shinc - Anglo American
'Cargill TBN' 170 0 0 0 /10 Stanley Po int, Po rt Hedland/Qingdao 24 /28 Feb $3.9 0 fio 80 0 0 0 shinc/30 0 0 0 shinc - Ro y Hill - <fixed
14 /2>
'Marigo P' 20 16 170 0 0 0 /10 Tubarao /Qingdao 0 1/15 Mar $9 .50 fio 3 days shinc/30 0 0 0 shinc - Vale - <fixed direct>
'TBN' 170 0 0 0 /10 Po rt Hedland/Qingdao 0 2/0 6 Mar $4 .10 fio 80 0 0 0 shinc/30 0 0 0 shinc - BHP Billito n - <e-tender>
'TBN' 750 0 0 /10 Gladsto ne/EC India 0 1/15 Mar $11.15 fio 350 0 0 shinc/1750 0 shinc - VSP

Balt ic Exchange Dry Index 688 ( +3 )
Balt ic Exchange Capesize Index
(basis 180000 dwt vessel)
556 ( -11 )
Balt ic Exchange Panamax Index 933 ( -6 )
Balt ic Exchange Supramax Index 689 ( +8 )
Balt ic Exchange Handysize Index 382 ( +3 )

Balt ic Exchange Panamax Inde x (BPI) 933 ( -6 )
Baltic Exchange Panamax Index and route reports
Date: 15 February 2017
Ro ut e De scrip t io n Siz e ( MT ) Value ( $ ) Ch an g e
P1A_03 Skaw-Gibraltar trans atlantic round voyage 74000 7650 -178
P2A_03 Skaw-Gibraltar trip to Taiwan-Japan 74000 12553 -131
P3A_03 Japan–South Korea trans pacific round voyage 74000 6891 +107
P4_03 Japan-South Korea trip to Skaw Pas s ero 74000 2817 +6
Weighted Time Charter Average (P1A_03, P2A_03, P3A_03 & P4_03) 7478 -49

Balt ic Exchange Supramax Inde x (BSI) 689 ( +8 )
Baltic Exchange Supramax Index and route reports
Date: 15 February 2017
Ro ut e De scrip t io n Siz e ( MT ) Value ( $ ) Ch an g e
S1A Antwerp - Skaw trip to Singapore-Japan 52454 11821 +58
S1B Canakkale trip to Singapore-Japan 52454 12018 +43
S2 South Korea –Japan, one Aus tralian or Pacific round voyage 52454 5125 +217
S3 South Korea-Japan trip to Skaw-Gibraltar 52454 2550 +110
S4A US Gulf trip to Skaw-Pas s ero 52454 13675 0
S4B Skaw-Pas s ero trip to US Gulf 52454 4789 -47
Weighted Time Charter Average (S1A, S1B, S2, S3, S4A & S4B) 7207 +89

Balt ic Exchange Handysize Inde x (BHSI) 382 ( +3 )
Baltic Exchange Handys ize Index and route reports
Date: 15 February 2017
Ro ut e De scrip t io n Siz e ( MT ) Value ( $ ) Ch an g e
HS1 Skaw-Pas s ero trip to Rio de Janeiro-Recalada 28000 3859 -31
HS2 Skaw-Pas s ero trip to Bos ton-Galves ton 28000 3973 0
HS3 Rio de Janeiro-Recalada trip to Skaw-Pas s ero 28000 7028 +18
HS4 US Gulf trip via US Gulf or north coas t South America to Skaw-Pas s ero 28000 8476 -55
HS5 South Eas t As ia trip via Aus tralia to Singapore-Japan 28000 5536 +129
HS6 South Korea-Japan trip via North Pacific to Singapore-Japan 28000 5211 +122
Weighted Time Charter Average (HS1, HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5 & HS6) 5604 +54


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